• April 15, 2009

Mercedes-Benz Adjusts Package Option on New GLK premium SUV

mercedes-glk-suvTo efficiently handle the oversupply of high-priced models, option packages have been adjusted in the new GLK model by Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz boss Ernst Lieb says in this connection that a large number of high-end models have been exported in US for its January launch.

“We have been planning production for the last year, and we can’t say anything with certainty where we would be standing in January. Our different models are coming with the price tag of $40,000+.”

According to some dealers, customers in the US demanding for more GLKs at much hyped price of $34,775 for the two wheel model. The all-wheel-drive models start with the price tag of $36,775 and they both include shipping charges.


To attract more and more buyers, a 1.9% interest rate was placed by Mercedes-Benz for nearly 66 months in the month of February. Now the company has announced to change its package option.

A considerable number of buyers are looking for the sunroof feature that has been lumped into an option package of $3,150.

A multimedia package that includes a navigation system now will be available in a separate package that was priced $3,350 previously.

Those who have purchased their GLKs with any of these package during the last two months would be able to recive a refund of amounting $2,000. It has not been announced yet, how many buyers will be able to get refund.

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