• July 8, 2016

Mercedes C-Class vs Mercedes E-Class: A Head to Head Comparison

Mercedes C-Class vs Mercedes E-Class: A Head to Head Comparison

If you’ve ever owned a Mercedes or had the pleasure of being driven around in one, then you’ll truly understand just how great these cars actually are. Not only do they provide you with a luxurious and comfortable interior in most of their range, they’re also of course great fun to drive.

There are two particular models though which just ooze class and are often held up as two of the greats – namely the C-Class and the E-Class. Here we take a look at these vehicle in closer detail to help you weigh up which one is for you. This can also be useful whether you’re looking to buy new or you’re considering a Mercedes used car instead.

The Mercedes C-Class

You can often see the C-Class being used as an executive vehicle or as use as a company car, but there’s nothing stopping this from becoming your next family vehicle.

Engines and Performance: As you might expect there are many different engine options to be found, in both petrol and diesel, ranging from the smaller 1.6 all the way up to the 4.0-litre AMG versions. Naturally, the smaller diesel engines are the more frugal, but whether it’s economy or power that you’re looking for the C-Class drives like a dream. Even the larger saloons have the feel or a sporty smaller car with dynamic suspension and responsive steering.

Interior: Mercedes are known for their generous trim levels and back through the generations you can find a wealth of conveniences to enjoy. The current range can come with numerous automated features as well as safety aspects like traffic sign assists and crash responsive head restraints.

Cons: In the realms of fairness, one criticism is that the bigger engine models can be noisier at times.

mercedes e-class

The Mercedes E-Class

The E-Class is another stalwart car of the executive range and has been gracing the roadways for a while longer than the C-Class; which is surely testament to its quality.

Engines and Performance: Even the older models can still provide a stunning ride, whether manual or automatic. The petrol engines aren’t as economical as the diesels but there is again lots to choose from. The AMG versions have firm suspension to accommodate the faster speeds you can enjoy.

Interior: The inside of the E-Class is both attractive and accommodating for all passengers. The modern generations also come with many gadgets and safety features and the Premium Pack trim is one of the best in the Mercedes-Benz range. There’s plenty of room – especially in the saloons – and one of the party pieces is the steering wheel controls.

Cons: To again try and offer some balance on this fabulous motor, one criticism would be that these are slightly more expensive to run.
Now that you know a little more about the cars, you should be able to work out which one fits the bill for you. With a bit of research you can find some great deals, so shop around and take a look at some of the different options there are available on these great and prestigious vehicles.

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