• February 19, 2009

Mercedes CLK Replaced With E-Class Coupe

2010-mercedes-e-class-coupe1Mercedes Benz has announced the unleashing of its 2010 E-class Coupe in the fourth coming Geneva Auto Show. The E-Class Coupe will be replacing the 12 years old CLK.

The upmarket E-Class is coming with a lot of modifications. E-Class’ pictures are officially out 2 weeks prior to the show.

Mainly featured are unique twin trapezoidal-shaped headlamps, clamshell hood, rear wheel flares, large grill on the front without a B-pillar; refer back to CLK.

About an inch lower than prevalent CLK, E-Class is 1.8 inches longer and wider, 2inch longer wheel base, has a roomy interior too.


The dash board layout and cabin looks similar to Sedan’s E-class though a lot has been done to avoid similarities.


The car features are topped with frameless doors but still it is a two door car. It is hoped that the future models will have a modification of 4 doors and a convertible fabric roof.


The high class effect is enhanced by using plush materials for interiors. The front seats have full length back support while the individual back seats can be folded. Advanced gadgets like the rotary Comand Controller uplift the car class.


E-Class Coupe will be the first Mercedes car to come with four cylinder gasoline engine with direct injection.

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