• June 3, 2013

Mini Cooper – Looks Small But Proves To Be a Wonder

You cannot overlook the gorgeous Mini Cooper like the one we saw at mini of baltimore. It is perhaps one of the most fashionable cars and is also one of the most globally exported cars of the world. Whether it is the rigid chaste body or the lustrous dashboard, this car definitely stands out in the crowd. The engine is awesomely powerful with a fully variable valve timing and a 1.6 liter motor with 16 valves. The engines come to life instantly with the start and can zoom at a maximum speed of 197 km/hr.  The engine accelerates to 100 km/hr in just 10.4 seconds. Don’t worry about fuel cosnumption as the engine is low in fuel and uses up around 8.7 litres in urban areas. If you hit extra-urban areas then the fuel consumption goes down to 5.4 litres.

Mini Cooper

The car is perfect for people who love the old world charm. The oversized dials and the vertical windows give a contemporary edge to the Mini. The design is classic chic but with a modern touch. It provides topclass go-kart handling.  The sporty car comes with innumerable safety features. The four wheels provide extreme support. There are various inbuilt sensors which generate warnings beforehand so that you are guarded against danger at all times.

The braking system needs special mention. Four disc brakes, antilock braking system and a cornered brake control ensures safety of the car. There is electronic brake force distribution so that you can regulate the braking force between the front and the rear axle. The car comes with a brake assist so that you can exert huge breaking force covering the least breaking distance. Dynamic Stability Control can help wobbly drivers and prevent accidents. Automatic stability control and Traction inhibit front wheels from spinning during an accident. There is also a Hill Assist so that you can take your car to mountainous regions without giving it a thought. The collapsible steering column almost acts as a shield and will safeguard you and your family in case the car rolls over or there is a crash. You will never get that deflated feeling when you travel with your Mini. The side walls of the tires have been made extra tough so that you can drive up to 150 km at 80 km/hr even if there is a loss of tire pressure. The Bi-xenon headlights can adjust to the direction of the road so that you can enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride.

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