• May 26, 2011

Mini Roadster: The latest craze

Mini’s two doors, two seat roadster is the latest craze in 2011. Roadster concept was disclosed at the Frankfurt Motor Show for the first time in 2009. Roadster unique feature is a manual folding top which makes the car lightweight, less complex and less expensive. There is a significantly different paint finish giving Roadster a sportier look. The white-and-gold color scheme adds to the elegant fashion theme.

The Mini Roadster will feature a 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine (output range from 172 to 208 horsepower) designed for the new-generation, Audi TT style pop up rear spoiler, Cooper S style front end, and aero styled A pillar reshaping with an additional luggage space. The roadster has a cargo capacity of 250 liters. The interior of the vehicle looks really gorgeous with two color combination: white and black.  Better performance is expected from Mini with the transmission choices not less than   the six-speed manual. The automatic gearboxes are currently offered with same basic level of functionality.

Although, Mazda enjoys a celebrated status in the market of manual folding top cars, still, a good response is anticipated from Mini Roadster. Roadster will make its debut at this year’s Frankfurt Motor show in September where the cars from 50 years in history will be showcased and its price will start at $27,000.

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