• February 22, 2012

MINI Showroom Will be launched in Growth Intensive Jordan

Success of an established brand depends on the growth aspects of particular region, replying of this concept MINI brand were launched in Jordan. Middle East is the focal point of global automotive companies just because of its growth intensive nature. BMW started extension of MINI Lineup in 2009 and now MINI is available in above 100 countries, in 2011 its sales increased to 77% in Middle East.

Being very practical and concerned about sales target, MINI branch will be opened in Amman along with the association of local dealers who are also working in partnership with BMW Group. People living in Jordan will be pleased to read that they will be allowed to select their favorite model from broad and performance intensive portfolio.

Broad Range of MINI Vehicles

The performance centered vehicles of MINI includes

BMW achieved sales record in Middle East with the help of MINI, its Cooper family and entire range of BMW vehicles. BMW provided 18,567 vehicles to potential customers of Middle East and among all the regions great sales record was achieved from following markets;

  •  Abu Dhabi
  •  Dubai
  •  Saudi Arabia
  •  Qatar
  •  Kuwait
  •  Lebanon
  •  Oman

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