• August 26, 2013

Mini Vision – A Detail Look To The Visionary Design And Creative Ideas

The Mini is known for its unique cute look because it is one of those vehicles that are introduced with a benchmark design and Bodystyle. Recently, the Head of the Mini Design previewed a visionary and innovative design idea for the upcoming Mini Vision. The Mini Vision gets numerous design elements from the future Mini plus an improved driving capability and interactive gadgets. Following is an exclusive look into the visionary design of the new Mini Vision.


mini exterior

The exterior of the new Mini Vision is a perfect blend of classic Mini design with the futuristic new styling and features. The exterior gets those old features from the past of the Mini that are admired by folks paired with future centered technical features. The Mini Vision wears hexagonal radiator grille from the classic Mini’s with integrated bumper and auxiliary lights. The exterior of the Mini vision reflects the traditional elements of the rounded Mini such as LED surround elliptical full LED headlights. The new Mini gets certain hallmark design features including clear roof separation, chrome strip around the Mini’s top, black band around the lower edge and is surprisingly light weight.


mini interior

The interior of the Mini Vision is a blend of advance technology, comfort, sophistication and functionality. Mini packs a number of features together with utmost comfort and convenience in a small space. The cockpit will be open and transparent, floating center console and sweeping doors that make the interior roomy and spacious for both the driver and passengers. The space saving Mini gets lounge seats complemented with elegant piping, elastic fabric straps to store small items like magazinesdrink bottles, mobile phone etc, and a list of technologically advanced features.

Powertrain and Performance

The manufacturer didn’t reveal any information about the Powertrain and performance of the Mini Vision, however, we can expect a performance focused Drivetrain for the new Mini to deliver astonishing performance and drive quality.

Materials and Color choices

The images that are offered to the internet of the futuristic based Mini Vision wears a Metallic Gold-tinged Orange paint named as Glamorous Gold Paint that is never used with the Mini for any of its models. As the Mini Vision will be constructed from organo metal so the color choice is ideal to make the car appealing and sexy.

Inside the Mini, a dark blue fabric upholstery from the top shelves adds luxury and comfort to the car. The Mini kept a flow and consistency between the exterior and interior of the Mini Vision which is really a smart skill to make a vehicle aesthetic. The Mini Vision comes with a scope of personalisation for those who want to add a bit sporty feel.

Pricing and availability

The Mini Vision is just a concept and the first production vehicle under this concept is expected to hit the dealership later this year or in the start of 2014 as a 2014 Mini Cooper.

The Verdict

The Mini Vision concept is an innovative initiative towards creativity and with the help of this concept, Mini will increase its market demand and potential to stand out in the segment.

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