• July 13, 2010

More information on Tour De France?

There are literally so many things that need to be followed this year at the Tour De France race, mainly because there are so many things happening around the race besides just the main exciting sporting event. This is the reason why the Tour De France Guide for the race this year which will be following the race in full detail, as a special edition for the Bicycling Magazine is going to be pretty popular as far as sports enthusiasts and Tour De France fans go. This guide might be something that you would also want to follow if you are one of them.

Photo by Bicycling magazine guide

The Tour De France Bicycling magazine guide will also be following facts, about whether their rivalry is actually that bitter and which one of them actually has the chances of winning more. Expert comments and opinions is definitely something that makes a huge difference as far as the race is concerned, and so this is something that any enthusiast is going to prize in the guide.

For starters, there is of course the exciting race with all new extensions made to the route which are going to make it even more exciting and fresh than before. But not only the route, but the competitors themselves are the reason why the drama increases. Not only are there several dark horses who are competing in the race along with the aces such as Lance Armstrong; but Armstrong and his top rival Alberto Contador are top contributors to the same. Their rivalry is even bitterer because formerly they actually used to be teammates in the race, so now they are basically fighting each other more than anyone or anything else in the race- or at least that’s how the story goes.

Not just the drama, but important information as well on the most exciting moments and parts of the race will also be followed greatly in detail in the guide along with information on the five things that every fan absolutely must know about the race this year. In fact you will also be able to find out what exactly all the riders are eating every day and how much calories they are burning in the races too- this is the extent of details you will be able to find out with this guide which is literally going to tell you everything there is to know about the race this year.

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