• July 29, 2019

The Most Expensive Cars That Have Ever Been Sold at Auction

The Most Expensive Cars That Have Ever Been Sold at Auction

Whilst the majority of cars that are sold at an auction are more standard models. Those that are used to get from A to B, those that are bought, worked on and then sold on to make some money. However, every now and then, a car auction house will see something different, something that they haven’t seen before.

This article discusses the most famous and expensive car sold at auction

1964 Aston Martin DB5

Image Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

If you are a James Bond fan, then chances are that you will recognize an Aston Martin when you see one. One of the most expensive car ever sold in an auction. This particular Aston Martin is not only a stunning model but, thanks to its famous roots appearing in Thunderball and Goldfinger. It’s also decked out with a variety of gadgetry that linked to the movies.

This car was reclaimed by the manufacturer. After being used for both movies, where it was then displayed at the headquarters of Aston Martin. Radio personality Jerry Lee took a shine to this car and bought it during 1969 for $12,000. Another 41 years later, and this particular car was sold in a London auction for a rather astounding $4.6 million (£3.5 million). That’s why this Aston Martin rank, 1st in our most expensive car ever sold at auction. Full review of Aston Martin’s flagship, which gets an old name and more power for 2013. 

1955 Mercedes-Benz Gullwing Coupe

Image Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

If there is ever a car that is easy to recognize, even if you are not someone who knows much about cars, it is this particular model. Not only it’s a beautiful car, but it is also one that is packed full of history too.

An Arizona auction house found themselves having to sell a rather special Mercedes Benz Gullwing Coupe that was owned by none other than Clark Gable. He bought the car during the 50s and then took great time, effort and money too, to transform it.

The additions took the car from being worth just $7295 (or in today’s money £51,200) to being sold at the auction for $2.35 million (around the £1.8 million mark) a pretty astounding leap if you ask us.

Unique and Expensive car sold at auction was 1966 Batmobile

Image Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

During 1955 George Barris, an automotive engineer decided to buy a Lincoln Futura concept car. He bought the car for just $1 and it was his vision. That he wanted to work on the car, turning it into something truly special.

With his skill, George took this car and made it into a real-life batmobile. Also used during the filming of the 1966 Batman television series.

This car grew just as famous as the superhero himself. Became one of the most recognizable cars in TV history. So much so, that George decided to hang on to the car as long as possible. Taking great pride in all the work that he put into it.

At 87, George decided it was time to pass on the torch and decided to put the car up for sale at a Scottsdale auction. Rather unsurprisingly there was a huge amount of interest in buying this amazing car. It eventually ended up being sold for a rather cool $4.62 million (or £3.5 million over here). Considering how much the car cost in the first place, is a rather amazing investment and project for him to have worked on.

Here at Car.co.uk, we cannot promise to have the most famous, the most expensive or the most awe-inspiring cars within our auctions. But, what we can promise you is a real variety of cars. Different makes and models, all at a great price. This means that you not only can find yourself a bargain. But you could also make an investment and some money for yourself.

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