• March 14, 2012

Most Fuel Economical 2012 Cars

One of the biggest targets of automobile manufacturers is to make fuel economical cars with improved fuel economy. Many leading automobile manufacturers tried their best to offer fuel-efficient car and following is the list of “Most Fuel Economical 2012 Cars”.

1. 2012 Mitsubishi i

The very first car in our list of “Most Fuel Economical 2012 Cars” is 2012 Mitsubishi i, EPA’s Annual Fuel Economy Guide listed it as fuel economy leader. President and CEO of Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc. (MMNA) Yoichi Yokozawa said, “We are very pleased to see that the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy have rated the 2012 Mitsubishi i as the top fuel economy leader in its annual Fuel Economy Guide. With 17,000 i-MiEV produced for various international markets, we look forward to providing North American consumers with an exceptionally well-engineered electric vehicle that has proven itself to be reliable, safe, efficient and very affordable in overall price and cost of operation.”

2. 2012 Toyota Prius

2012 Toyota Prius is stylish, spacious and fuel economical; it is powered by 1.8L 4-cylinder engine which produces 98 hp and in combination with electric power it delivers Horsepower of 134. Estimated EPA of 2012 Prius is 52 mpg in the city, 48 mpg on the highway and 50 mpg combined. Four driving modes of Prius (Normal, Power, Eco and EV) give option to driver to select one according to the driving conditions.

3. 2012 Scion IQ

2012 Scion IQ is the smallest car of the world meant for four passengers and it is equipped with 1.3L 4-cylinder engine which delivers 94 Horsepower and torque of 89 lb-ft. This smart car has been made fuel-efficient with the addition of dual VVT-I, estimated combined fuel economy of Scion IQ is 37mpg.

Vice President of Scion Jack Hollis said, “Scion prides itself on being an innovative brand with a lineup of iconic vehicles that set automotive trends. The iQ is the fourth vehicle in the family, and it will define the premium micro-subcompact segment as the choice for new urbanites who want clever transportation without a sacrifice in style or new features.”

4. 2012 Lexus CT-200h

2012 Lexus CT-200h is one of the latest fuel economical cars and it is available with standard engine of 1.8L 4-cylindere engine which produces 134 Horsepower. Estimated EPA rating of this Lexus Model is 43mpg in the city, 40mpg on the highway and 42 combined.

Lexus Division group vice president and general manager Mark Templin “The Special Edition models will offer our customers choices to fit their luxury and sporty needs. With the unique and exclusive package offerings, the Special Edition models further demonstrate Lexus’ commitment to our customers.”

5. 2012 Ford Fiesta

The fifth car in our list of “Most Fuel Economical 2012 Cars” is 2012 Ford Fiesta which is powered by 1.6L DOHC engine which produces 119 Horsepower and torque of 109 lb-ft. Fiesta features such engine components which makes it fuel efficient and its estimated mpg value on the highway is 40mpg.

Group Vice President for Global Product Development Derrick Kuzak said, “Fiesta was developed with customers, not just for them. Fuel economy, spirited performance, efficient use of space and great looks are universal desires, across global markets — and Fiesta delivers.”

6. 2012 Toyota Prius V

2012 Toyota Prius V is equipped with 1.8L 4-cylinder engine which produces 134 Horsepower and torque of 153 lb-ft. Estimated EPA rating of Prius V is 44mpg in the city, 40mpg on the highway and combined value of 42mpg. Standard features of 2012 Prius V are; 17-inches allow wheels, heated front seats, 3-door Smart Key, fog lamps and LED headlamps.

7. 2012 Volkswagen Passat

2012 Volkswagen Passat is among the fuel efficient 2012 cars and it is equipped with 2.5L engine which produces 170 hp and torque of 177 lb-ft. Estimated EPA value of this car is 22mpg in the city and 31mpg on the highway.

Motor Trend Editor-in-Chief, Angus MacKenzie “The well-equipped Passat is a breakthrough car for Volkswagen, as it has been designed to suit the North American market and is being built in a brand-new, state-of-the-art assembly plant in Chattanooga, Tenn. It has one of the roomiest interiors in its class, a wide choice of powertrain and a well-tuned chassis. A compelling new entry in the toughest, most competitive vehicle segment in the U.S. today, it’s a terrific all-around family sedan.”

8. 2012 Hyundai Azera

2012 Hyundai Azera is a smart and spacious passenger car which is equipped with improved3.3L V6 engine which produces 333 Horsepower, Azera is quite fuel-efficient car with EPA value of 20mpg in the city and 28mpg on the highway. 2012 Azera is based on Fluidic Sculpture design which also makes it worth buying passenger car.

9. 2012 Nissan Juke

2012 Nissan Juke is equipped with 1.6L Direct Injection Gasoline turbo 16-valve DOHC 4-cylinder engine which produces 188 Horsepower and Torque of 177 lb-ft. Estimated fuel economy of Nissan Juke is 27mpg in the city and 32mpg on the highway.

Vice President and General Manager of Nissan Division, Nissan North America, Inc Castignetti said, “JUKE has a small footprint but the solid feel and ride comfort of a larger vehicle. The direct injection turbocharged engine lets you tap into serious power when you want, while offering the fuel-efficiency of a small displacement engine. In the same way, the new torque vectoring AWD system allows all-wheel drive performance in conjunction with enhanced maneuverability. The combination of 188 horsepower and 32 mpg fuel economy is another unbeatable feature of the new JUKE. It’s a win-win combination.”

10. 2012 Ford Escape Hybrid

2012 Ford Escape Hybrid is equipped with 2.5L 4-Cylinder engine which produces 171 Horsepower and its estimated mpg value is 21mpg in the city, 28mpg on the highway and 23mpg combined.

Kelly Blue Book write about it, “The Escape Hybrid delivers a unique combination of hybrid fuel efficiency, SUV utility and a sort of rugged and refined style that’s appropriate for both downtowns and campgrounds.

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