• October 27, 2017

10 Motocross Riding Tips for Beginners

10 Motocross Riding Tips for Beginners

Everyone has at least one favorite sport they want to indulge in and make their mark in that. The good news most of these sports welcome you at unprofessional leagues to start your endeavor. Motocross is not different, it has regional organizations and amateur leagues that welcome you regardless of your talents and age. Once you are in, your faith depends on the hard work you put in. That being said, dirt bike riding requires lots of preparation. Of course, anyone can ride but to compete at the highest level, you need strength, agility, and willpower.

First timers need a lot of practice and skills before they hit the track, and thankfully our list of tips talks about them in brief.


We have heard it numerous times, “Practice makes a man perfect.” That can’t be truer with dirt bike riding. The more you practice, the more you know about your bike; how it would respond to different situations? When you reach a difficult area, you know if it is going to put you in the dirt or leave you to ride on unharmed.


Yes, jumping is fun in motocross, perhaps more to watch than actually doing it yourself. Again, it starts with practice where you can launch a 300-pound bike into the air and land on both tires in the standing position. To do that, you need to be strong both physically and mentally. Screaming won’t cost you a thing but a wrong landing will.


Cornering is one of the most important aspects of motocross, which isn’t all about speed at the corner. It starts with your approach, maneuvering, braking, throttling, and positioning. If you want to see what’s the best way of doing it just watch a motocross race. The rider in the first position is probably the best of all in cornering. Remember, one bad corner means you go down 3 to 4 spots, which is hard to recover.


Whoops are little mountains organized side-by-side where you have to graze your bike across the top – very quickly. This is one of the most difficult obstacles for riders requiring upper arm power and a firm leg grip. Whoops can be tiny looking simple paths requiring you to glide across the top or high and deep. The best thing to do is cutting across the top contacting only the crests of the bumps along the path.


A dirt bike race includes two races in one. You need to win the holeshot first and if you do that you become the favorite. Some experts mention half the race is won from the start, others are of the view that getting the holeshot is 90 percent of the race.


You can call rollers an easy episode of the whoops with steady bumps and smaller peaks. Some rollers demand proper cornering, thus adding a little bit difficulty to the riding. Remember, you must be vigilant with rollers; they are easy to maneuver than whoops but most riders relax at rollers and thus fail.

Learn from Professionals:

What you can learn from professionals is priceless. They are pros for a reason, so learn how they jump, whoop, corner, holeshot, and so on. Also, watch how they approach the start and get back on their feet after scrambling. See their videos in slow motion to closely watch their moves.

Bike Maintenance:

When you take care of your bike well, it renders the same care for you on the track. After every ride, you must perform routine maintenance and find out which parts you need to change or tune. Doesn’t matter if you are looking for Honda dirt bike parts online or Cruiser bike parts, everything is now easily available at Bike Bandit.com

Rest and Nutrition:

Dirt bike riding requires lots of mental and physical strength. See what exercises top moto stars perform to stay on top of their game. You need to take a healthy diet and rest enough to conserve a good amount of energy for the race.

Follow these 9 tips to start your motocross career and you will learn a lot of things on the way.

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