• January 5, 2010

Motor Mechanics are worried by High-Tech New Cars

High-Tech Cars

The computerized high-tech cars have become a constant headache for the repair shops, besides their owners also. Automation offers excellent ease in controlling but when it comes to a malfunction, independent repairers and the owners both have to ponder over repair options.

Photo by magejo
Photo by magejo

The new models are becoming complicated with the incorporation of coded software. The software repairs or reprogramming need specialized tools and manuals for fixing faults, cost thousands of Dollars. The independent mechanics cannot effort them nor have the time to update information, which keeps on changing with each make and model.

The automakers are using technology to monopolize on repairs and that too at a high cost. The replacement parts are also costly and valuable with auto dealers mostly, says one independent mechanic is David Baur, in Los Angeles. He continues that more time is wasted in grasping the systems and he feels it better to backout. The automakers are not prepared to share data and crucial tools with their dealership shops.

The automakers claim they had spent millions of dollars on research and development and cannot give their intellectual property. The auto parts and repair industry have initiated a bill in House Committee on Energy and Commerce for delegation of the information and data on repairs, as per the “Right to Repair Agenda”.

These days the computers are controlling steering, brakes and much more. When a fault occurs, specific software codes or wiring diagrams can only solve the riddle. Replacements of parts often require reprogramming the computers. The KEY is with the automaker only.

David Baur Says Doctor’s job has become much easier because humans do not change models every year. He cited one occasion when “Check tire pressure” light could not go off inspite the tires were OK. He did not have the $1000 tool to reset the tire pressure monitor. The car owner had to go to the company dealer for it.

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