• March 27, 2015

Myths About Rust Proofing

Myths About Rust Proofing


Rusting occurs due to the chemical reaction between an anode, cathode and electrolyte. The metal which is what your makes your car body is the anode while water acts as an electrolyte thus this creates a possibility for your car to experience rusting. Salty water worsens this situation since salty water provides the best conditions for rusting to occur. Thus, if you live near the ocean or any other water body or areas where salt is common on the roads during winter, your car is at a higher risk to experience rusting.

You should start taking appropriate steps to preventing rust from spreading into your car’s metal areas. There are myths on rust proofing some of them are;

· When rusting has already occurred, it is too late for rust proofing

In case you did not give your car the best prevention against rusting and it has started to appear, there is still hope. You can slow down the process of corrosion on the affected areas. You also have another chance to protect the unaffected areas now from corrosion in the future.

· Once salt is out, you should not spray your car

Salt is one agent that speeds up the corrosion since it improves water’s ability to carry electrons; this process causes corrosion. In cases where temperature is low, and salt already accumulates in the undercarriage of your vehicle, you should avoid getting a rust proofing treatment.

While it is a bit more difficult, you can still apply a rust proofing application. Your vehicle has to be cleaned first thoroughly ensuring that any salt particles are done away with completely. Otherwise, the corrosion might have time to cause some damage before treatment. However, prevention of this corrosion during winter is a lot better than no protection at all.

· Rusting cannot be repaired

Rust can be controlled at early stages effectively but also even at later stages rusting can be managed and stopped. Some additional touches are implemented so that the look will not be altered negatively. In the case rusting is given more time it can be irreversible.

· New cars are already rust proofed, so you won’t need to rust proof your car again.

New cars are rust proofed before they are sold, but this is not a lifetime protection. This rust proofing will eventually fade and leave your vehicle exposed and unprotected against the elements. Depending on your driving habits and the environment your vehicle is in, it may be wise to look into getting some new rust prevention options for your vehicle.

  • Only older cars rust. New vehicles have in built rust-proof materialsThink of this, even that new car you just bought will not remain new forever. With time, it will start getting old, and it will begin experiencing frequent car troubles like any other car. Same to that there is no metal that is 100% rust-proof without any protection, even stainless steel will rust due to scratches on its protective layer.Benefits of rust-proofing your car

    Higher Resale Value

    Rust proofing will ensure that your car is in excellent shape and well maintained. In case you want to sell it you can make most out of the sale. In a vehicle listing the prices of cars vary due to many reasons. A car won’t appeal to a lot of buyers if it’s covered with brown rusty patches on its body.

Repair Costs Are Reduced

Always repairing rust damage can prove to be expensive since this is not the only the only repair expenses you will incur for the vehicle. Annually rust proofing your vehicle will save you the cost throughout your vehicles lifespan

Increases the Vehicle Lifespan

The lifespan of a vehicle is around 15 to 20 years. Imagine if you can make that car serve you for an extra five years. You will have saved for an extra five years. Imagine what that means to you financially? Maybe it could mean saving tens of thousands of dollars on vehicles purchased and depreciation costs

Rust proofing is ideal for any vehicle. In case you want to maintain that classic look of your car you need to be ready to spend on annual rust proofing. The body of the vehicle is just as important as its interior, so spending the time to take care of your vehicle will pay off for you in the long run.

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