• January 23, 2009

NAC MG UK Changes Its Name to MG Motor UK

mg_logoAccording to company spokesman, NAC MG UK has changed its name to emphasize the MG name, referring to its British origin. It has taken up the name MG motor UK to leave the impressions of its parent Chinese company name.

The company’s spokesman said, “The new name will help strengthen the company’s reputation and re-emergence in the market by emphasizing the already well known MG brand.”

In 2005, MG Rover which was set up at Longbridge, central England, sold its assets to NAC; Nanjing Automobile Company due to economical crises. NAC was sold to a bigger rival, a Chinese group NAC in December 2007.

Last year in September, Nanjing Automobile Company launched its MG TF LE500 roadster in England. Its kits were imported from China and the car was assembled here in England.

The company also revealed its plans of launching a few new models in Longbridge. Though, no announcements of firm export were made.

Instead of the upcoming models’ announcements, the company is sending back its employees. This act will definitely affect the production process.
Recently the company has sent home a number of 30 temporary contract based workers.


The staff workers belonged to Shanghai Motor Technical Center, Leamington which was owned by SAIC/ Nanjing. They were shifted recently from Leamington to Longbridge.


Although the company plans to launch some new models, it has not been liked much. It is hoped that with these new models, the company will be able to attract more customers.

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