• June 4, 2009

New 5008 Minivan From Peugeot

New 5008 minivan from PeugeotLove and style are two things which French are known for and most of the time they are quite difficult to put in one place, but whenever it is done things like new Peugeot 5008 surfaces.

The latest MPV from the French automaker has come up this time with loads of tech and glass intensive cabin options that make it really a comfortable and soothing ride even on the Alps.

Traction snow Motion control, dashboard head-up display, nav systems choice and different multimedia features can be a real fun all those who want to get every bit of thrill from their driving experience as well as for kids that can watch Asterix on it.

It features couple of gasoline engines that are available with 1.6-liter turbos and that can produce 120hp and 150hp. However, a large number of buyers look for four diesel options that range from 109hp to 163hp.  No doubt, the coming minivan from Peugeot would make many to fall in love and its going to do this in the coming September.

Source: Autoblog

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