• September 7, 2009

New BMW M6 at the Frankfurt Motor Show

BMW M6The new addition to the BMW group is revealing it self under some tough competitive glares at the Frankfurt Motor  Show. The BMW group has been working on to bring some of the greatest machines that they have ever had in recent times. The BMW M6 with its great interior and exterior has created a great design that is appealing. The powerful engine is smart and crisp.

The exclusive design is paired with the great matte finish color. The special engraving is for the limited edition only. In fact a few lucky customers would be there to make way for the new limited pieces. The special floor mats, black or grey or dual toned stitching inside and the Merino full leather interior really makes way for the M6 Competition version. This M6 is all here to make the owner seem special.

 SCredit: flickr

Some of the finest technical tunings will bring about great suspension that provides about greater momentum and revised springs. The rear has been lowered in some mm in this current version.

Source: autospies


  • The M6 BMW is a beautiful car, the wheels on this version shown here, looks great. Also i like what they’ve done with the hood of the car.

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