• December 17, 2010

New car designs

Every year the well known car companies will be competing for customers, this will inspire them to create new innovative designs which they hope will fly of the production line. By them bringing new cars onto the market they will attract the attention of car enthusiasts who are willing to spend thousands and thousands of their hard earned cash. Most large companies such as Mercedes, Audi and Volkswagen will have many new cars for 2011 by showing the new designs before they are for sale. The large retailers will hope to get orders in ready for delivery when the cars are shipped. Buying a brand new car can be very expensive especially when they can depreciate straight away.

Car companies will demonstrate their new vehicles at car shows and advertise them in magazines, on the internet and on television commercials. This will help promote their new product and have some people dreaming about owning a vehicle like it. If the car is lucky enough it will appear on television shows like Top Gear which is a very popular program about cars shown in the UK.

With the downfalls with a new car there are also many positives, firstly there are not many drivers out there who would not like to drive a new car. Driving a new car for the first time will make you enjoy driving much more also the car will have the new car smell. With all new cars they do not need to be MOT’d for the first three years which can save a lot of money also all parts will be covered under the warranty. It would always be wise to check what you new car warranty will cover as the car company may try and sell you extra warranties that are not always necessary.

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