• March 29, 2013

New Honda CR-V Review

New Honda CR-VHonda CR-V, a petrol-only offering, has never been able to deter its enthusiasts from buying the vehicle. Four out of every five buyers have bought this crossover SUV. The fact that it is an imported car and the price disadvantage too failed to discourage the buyers from buying it. After all, Honda CR-V is a status symbol, carrying many good thoughts. Honda manufactures the vehicle in UK and Japan and recently the new 4th generation CR-V, 2013 Honda CR-V has been unveiled.

The new model certainly carries a look that is different from the current model and certainly looks more aggressive.

Here is a comprehensive new Honda CR-V review.

Exterior and Interiors

When you look at the new 2013 Honda CR-V, you will find a much more sculpted body with most changes done on the front side. You find a more contemporary grille in place of the old-fashioned. The swept-back HID headlamps flank the three-bar grille makes the car look younger. The bold fender flares and ten-spoke alloy wheels make for some subtle changes. The vertical tail lamps get 3D treatment, enhancing the aerodynamics of the vehicle. A neat dashboard layout is seen in the interiors and the new CR-V enjoys a dual-tone interior theme in grey and beige. There is ample space for the headroom and the legroom in rear as well as front. You get features like LED-backlit indicators, smaller digital displays, fuel consumption indicator and a pair of unique LED-backlit indicators.

Honda CR-V Gallery

Engine and performance

The newer model of Honda CR-V offers 2- and 4-wheel drive options but only with the 2-litre petrol engines. One can go for the 2.2 i-DTEC diesel unit that is not only more efficient but cleaner too. It is robust, quiet and purposeful. You will find much lower noise levels in 2013 Honda CR-V as there are new materials for insulation and new panels used on the underbody to lower the road and engine noise. CR-V continues to be a good handler on the road and you will find significant improvements on the bending and torsional rigidities. There is an increase of 10 per cent in the damper capacity.

Safety features

2013 Honda CR-V scores high on the safety features. There are front and rear side curtain airbags as well as front seat airbags. Other safety features include electronic brake force distribution, brake assist, antilock brakes and vehicle stability assist. The redesigned frame structure absorbs the collision energy and does away with the crash compatibility. The -protective performance gets enhanced in the car while the collision damage gets minimized.


  •  Great performance
  • Loaded with safety
  •  Great innovative features
  • Spacious cabin and classy interiors.


Restricted space in the rear

The new Honda CR-V is a great package, offering performance, handling and comfort of a sedan. The numerous safety features, powerful engine and stylish interiors have pushed its mobility ahead of the realms of the conventional driving. Get ready for a very safe driving experience, thanks to the G-CON technology. The interiors are no nonsense and practical. The high ceiling glass roof make it look and feel light and the spacious boot can get bigger by folding the rear seats. This is the first hydrogen powered vehicle with 0 emissions. You won’t find the new CR-V getting unsettled on the rough patches.

The new model will get launched in the near future. Unlike the preceding generations, the price of the new CR-V will be more competitive. Well, this is good news for all the SUV’s enthusiasts. Customers will appreciate the unique blend of spacious interiors, four-wheel drive and low fuel consumption.

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