• May 13, 2009

New Mercedes-Benz E-class: A Nice Combination of Stylishness and Gadgetry

Mercedes-Benz E-class

One definitely needed to purchase a Mercedes-Benz S-class to find out all about its technical features until now, but it’s not so anymore as almost all the technical features have been loaded in the 2010 E-class Mercedes that could be seen only in the S-class luxury sedan.

To keep the car quite impressive and straight, it houses lane-departure, warning signals, drowsy-driver detection, ability to identify pedestrian, intelligent lighting and adaptive cruise control.

Mercedes-Benz director, Thomas Weber says about it that: “With its high tech features and exceptional looks, it is, indeed, a vehicle that seems a nice combination of brain and beauty.”

Besides, Attention Assist, you will find Distronic adaptive cruise control, it houses Pre-safe braking system to monitor the awareness of drivers and their steering sensors can find out whether the driver is going to doze or not. If it happens, the driver gets a warning from visual and audible detectors.

There are cameras in the lane departure warning system that identifies unintentional drifts as well as lane markings. It also improves driver correction through game-controller for steering wheel vibration and rumble strips. Its Adaptive Highbeam Assist utilizes the same cameras for adjusting high-beam headlights at the time of detecting coming vehicles and taillights the vehicles ahead. There is radar to know about the vehicles in Blind Spot Assist and it offers audible and visual cues for this purpose.

Night View Assist has been taken from the S-class, but it includes camera to detect pedestrian and to find out about the potential hurdles, but there is a negative point of it, as you the view has been provided on the central stack screen unlike S-class where it has been provided on the instrument panel.  The driver has to look away from the road to read the monitor.

When it comes to efficient gasoline engine tech, the thing that has been offered in European models couldn’t be seen in the US market till now even for some time. There are V6 and V8 direct-injection gasoline engines in the E-classes for European markets while in the United States they will run on 5.5liter, V8 that is capable of producing 382-hp and 391-lb-ft torque.


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