• January 11, 2012

New Mini-Vehicle N Series- Honda N-BOX

Good News for people who love to drive Stylish Minivan……sales of new Mini-Vehicle N Series of Honda N-Box will commence from 16th December 2011. Honda designed this Mini Vehicle with the aim to offer best vehicle to customers of Japan. The main feature of this upcoming vehicle is its powerful engine; the fuel economy, comfort, convenience and space offered by this Minivan is beyond your imagination.


N-BOX is equipped with new DOHC engine and improved Continuously Variable Transmission which provides enhanced power and efficiency and also helps the driver to attain maximum fuel economy while enjoy stress free driving in long distance travelling. Additionally, it also features performance oriented turbo charger which integrates with its DOHC engine and produce maximum torque, fuel efficiency is also improved with the addition of ideal stop mechanism which has been used in N-BOX.


Honda has paid special attention while making the frame of N-BOX and employed latest production technologies like first tailored blank and hot stamping of molded trim in order to improve the tensile strength and also decrease weight by 10%. During the manufacturing of N-BOX traditional welding methods were revised and internal frame was used which resulted in reduction of vehicle parts and also extensively reduced the binding rate.


This stylish Minivan is quite spacious and cabin space it offers is significantly improved as compare to other Minivans. Cabin space is provided by its increased length and shortest engine room also adds in cabin space. Seating arrangement in N-BOX is very versatile and provides full comfort and convenience to passenger and driver. Low floor and large opening of tailgate also provide superb convenience so that you can load luggage with ease.

Safety Features

  • New load distribution structure and intelligently design engine performs well as collision safety performance.
  • i-SRS system for driver side
  • SRS airbags for front passengers
  • Side Curtain air bag system
  • Front seats also feature impact mitigating headrests which protect the driver and front passenger from neck injury.
  • Vehicle Stability Assist (Standard)
  • Hill Start Assist really works when this Minivan climbs on hill

This stylish Minivan N-BOX is best suitable for large families who have children and wish to travel across destinations without any trouble. Those who have desire to acquire environmental-friendly vehicle will be happy to know that this Minivan of Honda meets the major environmental performance standards.

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