• July 29, 2009

New Style for UK Police

Lexus IS-F Police CarUK police will now be using Imprezas with Lexus IS-F cruisers. Now the Lexus IS-F will be converted to the regular police duty cruiser.

Much of the duties being carried out in English county of Humberside will be done by policemen in these astounding cruisers. Humberside bobbies will now be seen chasing baddies in these great looking cars.

The cops will be taking up leaps and peak their ante with the Subaru Imprezas. These impressive cars look and work like a dream. According to Sergeant Mike Peck this car was tested for over the last 12 month to check for ideal sustainability and safety.

UK Police Car

These cars work on electronic stability platform that have computer equipment in them and give higher as well as classy performance. They are dynamically safe and the equipments remain intact within the requirements.  The final product is always a formidable and sustainable looking power house.

Source: autoblog

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