• September 20, 2011

New Technologies at Drive for Innovation

We live in a world where technology changes at a speed of thought. Today there are constant innovations happening around the world in all sectors and therefore people are not aware of what is new in the market. The automobile sector is among the most growing sectors and therefore more and more innovators are coming up with better technologies that can help people to buy better cars for the future. On the other hand, car makers are interested in going for electric technology so that they can switch from conventional cars to futuristic cars that can help people to move at a better speed and without consuming too much of fuel.

Now UBM and Avnet Express launches Drive for Innovation initiative that allows people to take a quick look at some of the most interesting technologies that will come up in the market soon. With this media project, people will have a better idea of where the automobile sector is heading and which are the latest technologies that will be incorporated in their cars in the future. This 12 month initiative called Drive for Innovation with UBM and Avnet Express will make it convenient for the consumers to find out more about better vehicles that are going to hit the market.

On the other hand, this media project is very rare from others as it will help people come closer and discuss more about their technology. It will bring together all the innovators, engineers, students, scientists and even consumers where they can talk and share their views on the latest electric technology that is being incorporated in cars like Chevrolet Volt. To make this initiative successful EE Time Editorial Director Brian Fuller will visit innovation hubs across America and share information with people and take their interviews. The project will also have games and interactive content for the people.

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