• March 8, 2013

New Tourer and Type R Variants for British Built Honda Civic Range

2013 Geneva Motor Show has revealed new concepts being introduced by Japanese car manufacturer Honda, the Civic Tourer Concept and Civic Type R. Civic Tourer Concept will make its debut in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The track testing of the new Type R will commence in 2013 at the Nurburgring. These display models at Geneva showed off as to what the production models would look like when you see them finally in full view at Frankfurt in September.

There are strong hints about the exterior designing of the Civic Tourer model that will be in dealerships as early as 2014.This will get manufactured along with the hatchback model at the production facility of Honda in Swindon. The Tourer Concept has many similar features with the Civic hatchback model of the 9th generation, launched in 2011. The aerodynamic and sophisticated body makes for a dynamic clean look. The low and wide stance lends it a sporty appearance. The sleek cabin style along with a smooth design and a class leading cargo space makes this model a practical one. The Tourer lends a practical and smart edge to the new Civic range.

The new Civic Type R will make use of technologies from Honda’s World Championship Civic. The The Type R model will get manufactured along with the rest of the Civic range. in Swindon. Type-R version is the latest in a long line of cars to get the “R” badge.

Honda’s Swindon plant is getting busy for 2014 deliveries. These aggressively styled load luggers will need special engines that are yet to be confirmed. But one can expect a similar arrangement to the hatchback range with a 1.6 diesel offering 94g/km CO2. Honda has been shy of giving further details on these new variants. But one can expect Civic Tourer to be one of the most distinguishing of the C-segment estates.

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