• July 29, 2009

New Wrings from Nissan

sentraNissan has wringed out one mpg more out of the Sentra in order to make their payment deals reached. Nissan Motor Co. is now ready to scurry out a mile or two per gallon for the vehicles they will be winning for their customers. They are willing to look for federal cash for guzzlers kind of money.

They also want their products to make for possible pop ups on shopping list. The Nissan North’s spokesman, Brian Brockman, has been reporting this with enthusiasm.

The dealer hype and ads have already made for several auto marketing events of the season. These actions will show up with the automakers’ enlisting of these engineering products and their eagerness to take part in there.

Realistically speaking Nissan’s neat engineering make for good fuel economy. So in a very short time federal program schedules have been made to run in them with the dramatic fuel economy playing its role.

Source: autoweek

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