• April 24, 2013

Nissan Introduces LEAF for Taxi Pilot Program in NYC

LEAF for Taxi PilotNissan is really focusing on introducing LEAF on various levels in the market and now Nissan has announced that they have teamed up with the New York City to come up with the new pilot program that will initially put six Nissan LEAF taxis on the roads and bring them into service this spring.

The automaker said that they have worked with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg on this and this will be for the first time that the new electric vehicle will become taxi for the most popular city in the world.

Nissan said that they have always worked towards better zero emission vehicles and Nissan LEAF definitely offers zero emission which is why they are introducing it to the mass market. Nissan said that the new NV200 will become the taxis of tomorrow in the New York City and will help the city to keep the environment clean. Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that Nissan has already proved that they have the best zero emission vehicle that has already received appreciation worldwide and therefore they would like to work on the new taxis that will become the taxis of tomorrow and the city will try to incorporate electric taxis into the fleet.

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