• October 5, 2012

Nissan NSC-2015 Much Awaited Vehicle Presented at CEATEC 2012

CEATEC 2012 was a dream come true for technology lovers, pleasant surprises from tech manufacturers and automobile makers made people crazy and now everyone is talking about this show. Nissan remained a prominent name in the discussion of critics because it introduced its concept vehicle NSC-2015.


NSC-2015 is a smart and performance driven car that operates with electric current, being an electric vehicle it is pollution free.

Let’s discuss its salient features in details;

Remote Monitoring System

Nissan NSC-2015 is equipped with an all-round camera that works in collaboration of a remote monitoring system. This system detects the environment work remotely, 4G connectivity help this feature to function properly.

Automated Parking System

This feature will save you precious time especially if you feel time is running out and neither you want to miss the important meeting nor you want to miss your car.

Smartphone Operated Apps

You can also control NSC-2015 with the help of application on your Smartphone, this app will let you control your car remotely. This kind of Smartphone will also facilitate you to start car automatically by carefully moving from the parking spot.

Most probably NSC-2015 will be available in 2015, why not? We can guess the arrival from its name.

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