• April 5, 2012

Nissan NV200 – A Success Story in the Automobile Industry

Driving through a cab in New York is considered to be more iconic and more exciting than doing many other activities. New York cabs have always set high standards and try to leave the passengers with an everlasting travelling experience. This experience is all set to better itself with the arrival of 2014 Nissan NV200 taxi as the taxi of tomorrow. Nissan’s NV 200 has been chosen the winner of Nissan New York City Taxi of Tomorrow competition which ran for almost 2 years. With this feat, the company is all set to launch its most exclusive cab for the next decade or so to carry New York passengers from one street to the other.

New York City will soon gain another identity when it will be recognized by the yellow looking streets – the color which would be imparted to the streets through these iconic built taxis. These fast running comfortable next generation taxis are attractive and stylish in color and will bring with them journey of a lifetime. Experts believe that with the introduction of these taxis in the next year, more and more people would be willing to travel in these taxis than they travel currently.

The experience will be fantastic says the company officials who describe that the 2014 Nissan NV200 taxi is provided with latest features for the comfort of the passengers. These cabs would have phone charging facility, cushioning seats and will provide a panoramic city view through their transparent roof top. All these facilities have been provided in the cab keeping in view the comfort level and expectations of over 600,000 passengers who will be travelling in these taxis daily from their home to work. The entire experience from travelling from home to work or any other place will be fabulous enough that customers would be willing to travel again and again in this iconic Nissan New York City Taxi of Tomorrow.

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