• August 20, 2009

Noble Unleashes 225 Mph M600 Supercar

Noble M600 SupercarWith the range of spy shots coming with Noble’s new M600 supercar, there is really a lot steaming on the expectation results. The British Volvo-based twin turbo will function on a V8 that will produce about 650 hp.

The latest models got released with official images as well as high price expectancy. It is roughly going to be £200,000 or $328k USD. The higher price definitely brings about a greater sense of quality and loads more facilities to be enjoyed with this model.

Customers keep awaiting this mega release with the now-extinct M14 as well as M15 to work on the request for the new deposits. For people who have made savings or advance for any of the previous models, do not wish to make all over new purchase for a car of this stature.

 SCredit: wot.motortrend

The M600 model brings to the table much more than any Noble models have done in the past. There is a stainless steel tub inside for instance, a tube skeleton as well as a chassis with carbon fiber making up its body. The fiber body panels join together to keep the whole attachment light and fun!

Source: autoblog

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