• November 7, 2008

Obama Pledges to Meet With Detroit’s Automakers

To help chart a course for the auto industry, Barack Obama promises to meet with the leaders of Detroit’s automakers and UAW.

Obama said in an interview that the industry needed to be helped for producing more efficient vehicles.

“If I am elected, I will be immediately meeting with heads of the Big Three automakers and with the United Auto Workers as well,” he said. “I would like sit down with them and craft a strategy that can put auto industry on a path to compete with anybody in the world.”

Obama didn’t speak to the possibility of a GM-Chrysler merger. He has said that he supports doubling a $25-billion loan program that congress has approved last month to retool plants and many automakers and parts suppliers are looking for it to survive in a massive cash crunch.

On the other hand, Obama’s rival John McCain says that he favors moving the first $25 billion in loan to the industry before giving further. McCain has been criticized and Obama has been endorsed by the UAW for their stances towards the auto industry.

Ford Motor Co. says in a statement that “To put the United States on the right track for economic recovery and fixing the credit markets would be the highest priority for the next administration.

Greg Martin, a GM spokesman, says that “We welcome the recognition from the senator that the industry is facing difficulties. We are looking forward to work with any administration to make this pillar of U.S economy stronger.”

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