• April 4, 2014

OLX TV Campaign and Other Promotional Methods

Cars for saleOLX.in is an online platform for individuals to advertise their products as per their suitability along with pictures. There are all sorts of products available on the site including Cars for sale in OLX, television and digital cameras to clothes for sale in OLX. The advantage of OLX.in is that buyers view the item of their requirement, contact the advertising party and directly conclude the process. There is no third party involvement in the process and there is satisfaction of trade between both parties.

Promotional Methods of OLX.in:

There are different methods that have been subscribed to for the promotion of OLX.in. Some of the most effective ones are:

  • TV campaigns for the sale of products such as cars.
  • TV campaigns featuring celebrities and part of movie franchises.
  • OLX YouTube Channel which contains all the advertisements and TV campaigns.
  • Promoting OLX on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Effects of the Promotional Efforts:

The effects of the efforts can be seen in the gradual and steady increase in the popularity of OLX.in within the population. It has been growing effectively in urban areas where parties feel the advantage of dealing physically with each other to complete transactions. The unique television campaigns also projects how easy the process of selling or buying a product on OLX.in. The option of selling bulky objects like cars and televisions online is a new concept and needs a lot of work put in to change the mind-set of the population. The TV and social media campaign like the OLX YouTube Channel have been able to do just that mainly within the younger generation.

Advantages of OLX.in

It has introduced a revolutionised concept of selling bulky and costly objects online with the option of actually viewing the product on the web. The sellers have the advantage of putting on a free advertisement on the website whereas the buyer gets to view and choose the product of their choice. Once both parties agree to the transaction, they physically meet to finish the trade and is saved from the hassle of involving any third party. Thus, it makes the process a simple and cost effective way of doing business. It is a win-win situation for both parties.

OLX.in is the platform which has brought a new edge to the online business in India where online business is a blooming market. There are Ebay and Amazon available and trusted for smaller transactions such as for books, mobile devices and clothes but the introduction of a company which helps with every product ranging from phones to cars have made OLX.in an instant hit. The popular consensus have been that OLX.in is a great platform made available to complete hassle free and transparent trade of products in accordance with the needs of both sellers and buyers. TV and social media campaigns such as OLX YouTube Channel has contributed in a big way towards the success of OLX and deserve to be credited for doing their bit.

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