• June 25, 2009

Only Lucky People can own Nano : Tata selects first 1 lakh buyer from lottery

Tata NanoIt is no doubt that Tata Nano is going to rock the automobile world with its great performance at this price. This affordable car has thus attracted lots of people and the company has received more than 206,000 applications till now and its even coming says Tata motors spokesperson. Due to various constraints, the company ran a lottery to choose the applicants to buy the available 100000 Nanos and is informing the results to the selected applicants in person.

Tata Motors also has mentioned that the first 100000 applicants who are selected will get their Nano by the end of next year as delivery of the cars will begin by July ’09. In the remaining 106000 people who are in the waiting list 55000 opted out their name from lottery for future Nanos and the company has announced some discounts for these people in all Tata products.

These discounts will even be available to those who are still in contention for winning their Nano. The money that Tata collected as booking fee will earn some interest for the customers which is 8.5% if the car is delivered within two years and 8.75% if it takes more than that time.

Source: Telegraphindia

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