Open-air concept from Mini to appear at Detroit auto show

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Mini Beachcomber Concept

Mini’s open-air Beachcomber concept will feature world premier in the renowned Detroit Motor Show in January.

Mini had previously built Mokes around late 1960’s producing over 14000 cars. These were also produced in Australia and Portugal.

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The Beachcomber resembles Moke somewhat but has an all-wheel drive advantage and new crossover SUV. The doors and roof are eliminated.

However, the rain protection for the passengers is by a folding fabric roof that unfolds over head when needed. Plastic panels are designed to substitute for the roof and doors.

Mini has also built an AWD Moke prototype named TWINI. This has two separate engines –one each for front and rear wheels.

Reportedly the management has stalled the production plans of Beachcomber. The Beachcomber SUV may be renamed ‘Countryman’ and is expected in the American market in 2011. The Americans will then physically explore and adore this two engine concept car.

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