• May 16, 2018

With Focus on Customers First, Open Road Mazda of Morristown Features Award Winning Service and a Talented Finance Department

With Focus on Customers First, Open Road Mazda of Morristown Features Award Winning Service and a Talented Finance Department

Open Road Mazda of Morristown, New Jersey has a unique approach to the modern automobile industry—they put customer’s needs first and everything else second. It is an old school approach to conducting business, granted, but they believe that happy customers mean return customers and referrals, and that is where their success lies. That is why two of Open Road Mazda’s strongest divisions is their service and finance departments, which are completely customer service oriented units.

Open Road Mazda does sell Mazda’s and pre-owned vehicles, but their focus is not about meeting quotas or selling X number of a certain model to meet dealership or corporate demands. Why try and put people into cars they don’t want or can’t afford? That doesn’t help anyone, and Open road Mazda is all about helping customers. They start by finding the best financing packages for customers so that they can afford the car they want and not get buried by high payments for a car they can’t afford. They back that up with excellent service, especially on Mazda’s but on all makes and models. They even honor warranties and service packages on all other active warranties and service contracts.

Mazda Service With a Smile:

Open Road Mazda of Morristown features expert mechanics that specialize in servicing all models of Mazda’s. In fact, their technicians are Mazda Master Certified and ASE certified. Since they also sell pre-owned vehicles, they service other vehicles as well and even honor other warranties and service contracts in an effort to satisfy all customers. Plus, since Mazda’s are extremely well made, they usually don’t have that many service issues. Routine maintenance is needed, but there is typically more business coming in from other makes of cars. Open Road Mazda’s team of experienced, skilled, master technicians can help any and all vehicle owners that require service for their vehicles.

Vehicle Financing Plus:

From Newark to Morristown and beyond, Open Road Mazda is known for not only getting the best rates for their customers, but also for helping customers who have had trouble getting financed. They work with people who have credit issues to help get their credit into shape so that they can afford the car of their dreams. Is it easy? No. But buying a car isn’t supposed to be easy. It is supposed to be earned so that owners appreciate and take care of what they have worked for. Open Road Mazda will help customers earn their car, as they have different financing programs for people with credit issues. Rather than just saying no, they pitch in and help buyers repair their credit. So, not only do they get the vehicle of their dreams, but their credit is also better off when they are done with the buying process.

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