• August 24, 2009

Patrol T and Red October Sidecar Motorcycles

Ural T Sidecar MotorcycleThe new Ural T sidecar motorcycle is not for everybody really. But if you are smitten with the machine, you should go for it straight! It comes with reigning fun and brings you a great experience with its no-nonsense old world charm. It has an ultimate throw-back style with the new rectified version being brought forward.

The model is heftily priced at $12,399 which is quite the call for a full packed Benjamin under the standard Patrol. It is painted in Olive drab and comes with a matte black trim in place of normal chrome.

This comes with the 2009 Red October Limited Edition with its awesome sidecar looks. It comes with a single wheel drive and 18 inch wheels that bears a ration of 3.89 final drive systems.

 sCredit: autoblog

The 2009 Red October Limited Edition has the retro model being revamped to be passenger friendly as well as stylish. It works with a power train and has one of the fastest body works ever.

Source: autoblog

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