• May 27, 2014

Paul Walker’s Personal Asset Audi RS6 Avant on eBay

Audi RS6 AvantAccidental demise of a person leaves behind their personal belongings without any idea of their future. In a way to honor their memory especially with regards to celebrities, people tend to buy their personal artifact at high prices. Thus, an Audi RS6 Avant, which was once owned by Paul Walker, an actor who passed away recently in a vehicular accident, has been mentioned along with the car’s sale ad sale bidding on eBay. The car has been reported to be a customized import directly from Japan in July 2011 and was in the actor’s possession until October 2011. The description by the seller on eBay mentions that it is DOT compliant and had 69,000 miles on odometer when it was sold to another party. The car has now been estimated to have travelled approximately 91,653 miles along with a new authentic Audi engine. The bidding is supposed to be open till Saturday, May 24th at 2:28pm.

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