• February 2, 2009

Petrol Cars VS Diesel Cars

dodge10_1024x768Buying a new car for you is always fantastic. But before making that decision to buy, you may have a lot of questions running through your mind regarding the selection of the right car for you.

You may choose your car either based on your needs or due to its looks or due to its affordability or rarely due to all the above factors.

Among the several questions that you seek answers for, is the question that which car is better; one that runs with petrol or one that runs with diesel? If you are seeking answer for this query then proceed with this article.

Petrol cars or Diesel cars

There are several advantages and disadvantages that both petrol and diesel engines have over one another. Most times the petrol car would pip the diesel car in performance.

However the petrol cars can no longer have that luxury of offering better performance. Technology improvement has already begun to close the gap between performance of petrol and diesel cars.

In early days, Diesel engines were a bit slower and made much noise when compared to their petrol counterparts. But nowadays the diesel engines are as refined as the petrol ones.  Nowadays, diesel engines are employed in a variety of high-performance car models. Diesel engines also tend to give out less CO2 and thus have become gentler to our environment.


But diesel engines fall short for they tend to emit agents that lead to smog formation, cardio-vascular and respiratory illness. You can reduce the emission of such particulates by fitting particulate filters. But it is not practiced widely.

When we say technology has lead to the improvement of diesel engines, the same can be said about petrol engines also. Gasoline engines have improved in the areas like fuel economy and have become friendlier to the environment.


Nowadays several car models feature Direct-injection technology. People who care more about the performance of their car still tend to show some preference towards petrol cars.  This is because petrol cars can achieve 0 to 60kph in lesser time. However they over look the fact that diesel cars can accelerate better from 50 to 80kph than petrol cars.

If you want to buy a new diesel car then you may have to spend more than you spend for buying a petrol variant of the same car model. But diesel cars have comparatively better resale value. Petrol is much more costly than diesel. Moreover a diesel car will give more mileage per liter when compared to the petrol one.

You should also take into account the amount of distance you travel annually. If it is more than 15000 kilometers then opt for diesel. If it is less than twelve thousand kilometers then opt for petrol.

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