• January 24, 2009

Porsche 911 gets spied

porsche-911-turbo_1The next-gen 911 Porsche could be the most alluring target some spy shooters and there are some who have succeeded to catch the Porsche 911 when it was undergoing snow testing in the wee hours.

There are talks the next-generation 911 will be rolled out by the end of 2011, as 2012 version and could set up for a nice debut at Frankfurt Motor Show in 2011.

These all black models look quite similar that we have already seen. It has an unobstructed front end with lower grille and long hood (indeed an awesomely clear shot).

It indicates that the designers and engineers have long been working for the front fascia.


Its caboose has a massive plastic hunk at engine cover top and taillights have also been covered.

All we have to do is to just wait and see what else they uncover in this next-generation 911 Porsche.


Just like always the new 911 is sexy and horny and you need not to be fooled the fake vents that have been shown behind the doors.

It has big enough wheels that appear to have nice traction in the snowy paths.


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