• February 16, 2010

Porsche AG: Debuted in Geneva

Porsche AG 911

The Porsche AG 911 GT3 Hybrid is celebrating its stepping into the world in Geneva. Right after ten years after of the release of Ferdinand Porsche this new Porsche high definition hybrid has been released.

Photo by Jaeger-Meister

The Porsche Intelligent Performance has been making racing cars that are more and more top of the class and serving in great many ways. Ferdinand Porsche brought out one of the breakthrough hybrid cars with the Lohner Porsche Semper Vivus. This came with a visionary concept that brought a new chapter in the history of Porsche and its development. There have been higher than 20,000 wins in the last tenure of driving this Porsche.

This has been a highly advanced and successful car with incredible racing skills being in its way. Its innovative hybrid technology has won the hearts of the world bringing it a wide international follower range. The hybrid technology has been innovative with some of the greatest racing standards being met through its new configuration. The new deal in Porsche is even more advanced and significant in its level of competency.

There are new electric modes and models that are coming to be of use with the new operating system. Instead of the usual and old battery system this is a promisingly new qualification that brings diverse functions to be experienced at once.


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