• July 12, 2013

Porsche extends the classic Porsche touch with three new designer collections

Porsche extends the classic Porsche touch with three new designer collections

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the striking and iconic 911 sports car and its association with Steve McQueen, Porsche Design has now added three exclusive collections to its recent Driver’s Selection Range. These collections have everything from luggage to coffee cups to mouse-pads to leather jackets suited for every budget.

Porsche Driver's Selection

Launched this summer, these three new collections are the 911 collections, Retro Spirit and Colours of 1968. Each one of these unique collections has been inspired by the company’s trademark of integrating quality with style and functionality.

The Colours of 1968 collection pays homage to an entire era of success. It has been tinged with the uni-colors that are typical of the legendary Porsche 911 during the 1960s with shades varying from Ossi blue to Pole red to Tangerine to Irish Green. These express verve in all purity and power. On the other hand, the 911 collection is a more refined essence of the tradition of Porsche.

The Retro Spirit collection is for motorsport enthusiasts and serves as the ideal keep-sake. This collection embodies the most symbolic era of Porsche. This sporty collection takes the classic checked seat cover pattern typical of the 1950s and the 1960s and incorporates it into modern fashion.

The new Porsche Bike is also a unique and distinct highlight of the Driver’s Selection released this year. The Porsche Bike RS comes with a lightweight carbon frame powered by Shimano XTR 20 speed gears. It clearly declared that road travel can be made elegant and exciting without the need for four wheels.

The three new collections launched by Porsche this summer embody one single principle- the combination of exclusive accessories and classic, sporty items. This trademark feeling of Porsche has been extended from just cars to other aspects of lifestyle that are not necessarily on the road. The main aim is to reinvent fashion time and again, while maintaining the classic Porsche touch.

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