• February 27, 2015

Porsche To Steal Show With GT3 RS

Porsche To Steal Show With GT3 RS

The main focus of next month Geneva Motor Show will be the Porsche 911 GT3 RS which is expected to the get 493 bhp and 460 nm torque as per some technical source. This track biased model will have carbon – fiber front end and magnesium roof. This model will have wider body base compared to other variants of series with 50 mm wider front and 30 mm wider rear.

Wolfgang Hatz, Porsche R&D boss confirmed that RS will come with completely new engine while the turbocharging will be reserved for lower models. Hatz gave hint that GT3 RS will be distinct as people loves performance and he want to take it to next level for RS. There might be changes in car’s aero to overcome already impressive nap Time of 7 minutes 25 second. With no trick revealed expected changes are sculpted exterior and bigger wings with lower ride height. The track focused GT4 – cayman variant is also expected to shine in the next month Geneva Motor Show.

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