• May 13, 2011

Porsche Unveiled Fast and Furious 911 Carrera 4 GTS

Good news for the people who were expecting some thrilling and exciting four wheel drive from Porsche, today it has revealed 911 Carrera 4 GTS the model which is all wheel drive. 911 Carrera 4 is a superb car and when you will embed proper tires in this all wheel drive, you will feel a significant difference as compare to the previous models.

Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS

Body of 911 Carrera 4 GTS

911 Carrera 4 GTS has macho body and it is extremely comfortable, after the first drive you will eagerly desire for the next one. Just like all the 4 wheel drive vehicles, body of Carrera GTS features 44 mm wheel arches at the back.

Engine of 911 Carrera 4 GTS

One could easily accelerate the 911 Carrera 4 GTS from 0 to 60 mph in 0.1 seconds because it is equipped with 7 speed PDK. You could easily attain the top speed of 187mph with this Carrera GTS.

Porsche Traction Management

911 Carrera 4 GTS consists of electronic PTM system which is  all wheel drive system that provides remarkable traction and prevailing acceleration for every kind of driving condition. The multi plate clutch which is controlled electromagnetically responds within no time in order to provide equal power to front and rear axles.

Points of Difference from 911 GT2

Sport design front apron of 911 Carrera 4 GTS distinguishes it from the 911 GT2, it also features black panel between the back tail pipes and 19 inches RS spyder design wheels which are painted with lustrous black paint.

Interior of 911 Carrera 4 GTS

Interior of 911 Carrera 4 GTS is mainly black, Alcantara is the standard feature and it is located in the middle of sports seats. A part from this black Alcantara is also utilized when vehicle is in direct contact with driver i.e. gear and handbrake levers.

Price of 911 Carrera 4 GTS

In US 911 Carrera 4 GTS coupe will be on hand with MSRP $110,200 and 911 Carrera 4 GTS Cabriolet will be available at $120,100.

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