• March 17, 2013

Porsche911 GT3 R – Re-designed for perfection

Porsche911 GT3 R – Re-designed for perfection

Porsche911 GT3 R seems to be obsessed with detail. What you are looking at here is the greatest version of a sports car. The pearl orange911 GT3 RS looks ready to set those tracks on fire, thanks to the new ADV10.0 Track Edition wheels. Get ready for the most extreme road car, a heady confection of Porsche’s. The carbon-fibre rear wing, with a non-uniform profile, makes for different airflow over the wheelarches. At a price of £128,466, Porsche offers you a dash of luxury and you feel like driving gods. Take it around in the city, or race it on the tracks, you might feel expensive, but it’s all worth it.

You get pure GT2 RS in the rose-joint back suspension and the helper springs. The engine the largest you will see the boot of a Porsche that generates 100mph.

But you will find most of the car carrying over tyres, brakes, steering, gearbox from the ‘normal’ GT3 RS. There are a number of weight curbing measures such as front bumper and carbon bonnet. The car weighs just 1360kg which is about 10kg less that its predecessor. That new rear wing with its 9deg angle offers extra rear grip along with those natty front winglets.

Porsche’s six-speed sequential gearbox and4.0-liter, flat-six engine that makes 500 hp. Offers you a rather impressive ride. The pneumatic shift system operates via shift paddles. The customers can get a conversion kit to update older 911 GT3 Rs as per 2013-spec.The kit can be bought for $59,000 from Porsche Motorsport.

911 GT3 R is meant for the 2013 motorsport season as Porsche reveals. It marches on for 1 final year in 997 trim while 911 RSR and 911 GT3 Cup move on to their most modern 991-based chassis and bodies. Thanks to a series of modifications and improved aerodynamics, the company promises that the model will remain as competitive.

Again, Porsche knows that it could have created thousands of the models and charge half the price. But clearly, that is not its agenda.

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