• July 2, 2010

Prius Hybrid Grabs the International Engine Award

Toyota’s Prius has drawn great deal of attention with the international Green Engine Award. This nomination for the year has been a crucial point in the history of Toyota. Toyota has won the greater title of being eco friendly and the importance of this has been supreme with current environmental situations.

Photo By telokaspo

In the last 5 years the acclaimed Hybrid Synergy Drive system has come to bring prestigious international award of being the Engine of the year. The panel of 72 motoring critiques has come to bring this award to the Toyota Hybrid. This has come after a test run through the nominees across 35 countries. The different engines were tested and run through the Engine Expo 2010 in Stuttgrat, Germany. The Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive has come to bring the essence of the mechanical as well as electrical ingenuity in its functions. All the features come in an affordable package, making this a real deal saver.

The Prius Hybrid is being considered to be one of the best cars bringing all the glorious features of the green technology. This is available through the modern needs of low carbon emission facilities. The iconic power of Toyota’s technology has come to bring international success in the history of International Engine awards.

There have been a total of 11 international titles that have come at Toyota’s way since 1999. Toyota Australia came out with the 3rd generation Prius 12 that released the fresh Hybrid Synergy Drive facilities. This is a very powerful motoring combination that brings low pollution to the environment.

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