• July 25, 2012

Production of Lexus RX is Increased in Canada

Lexus RX is among best selling vehicles of Toyota; its demand in Canada is increasing day by day that’s why Toyota has decided to increase its production in Canada. Brian Krinock, President at TMMC said “Toyota is targeting early 2014 for expanded Lexus production. This is a big and ambitious project with new technology, exacting standards and tight timelines. Our team members have demonstrated time and time again that they thrive on these kinds of challenges.”

15,000 RX450h vehicles along with 30,000 Lexus Vehicles are also included as a part of this new increasing capacity. Lexus General Manager Mark Templin said, “The team members at TMMC have shown tremendous dedication to creating high-quality Lexus vehicles. With rising demand for our RX 450h hybrids, moving that production of an award-winning North American plant is great news for Lexus. We look forward to partnering with TMMC to continue the tradition of manufacturing outstanding RX luxury utility vehicles.”

Hopefully the added production of RX vehicles will meet the growing demands of Canadian customers who are fond of Lexus vehicles. Executive Vice President of Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc. Steve St. Angelo said, “This Lexus production increase, and the several announcements before it, reflects our growing optimism for an improving North American market and our intent to localize more production.”

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