• December 4, 2013

Ram Commercial to Introduce 2015 Ram ProMaster City – A High-Quality Small Van

2015 Ram ProMaster CityThe Ram Commercial Truck division revealed earlier this week that it is developing the 2015 Ram ProMaster City, a latest small van that is intended to target the North American audience. A part of the Ram ProMaster series, the van will compete against small passenger and commercial vans.

Reid Bigland, the President and CEO of Ram Truck Brand, Chrysler Group LLC., is delighted on the inclusion of the Ram ProMaster City in the Ram Commercial truck lineup, which already consists of a number of pickup trucks of Class Four and Five as well as vans. Bigland claims that his company will continue to expand its range of vans and trucks with the passage of time, as the Ram Commercial achieves more and more success in the different markets.

The president believes that one of the reasons behind the success of his company is its collaboration with Fiat Professional, which happens to be one of the leading brands of the world when it comes to commercial truck manufacturing. Working alongside highly skilled professionals of Fiat and having access to the modern technology give an edge to Ram truck brand over its competitors in the US and Canadian market.

The Ram ProMaster City follows the model of Fiat Doblo, which won the International Van of the Year award twice and is considered to be one of the most successful vans of the modern world with more than 1.3 million sales. Using the latest features when it comes to styling and engine, the Ram ProMaster City is expected to be an extremely powerful van, which should attract a huge number of potential customers in the North American market.

It needs to be mentioned that the Ram trucks is considered to be a reliable brand in the US and Canada, with a huge customer base.

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