• September 8, 2010

Recall Announced for Ferrari 458 Italia Because of Fire Catching

Ferrari 458 Italia

Just imagine you lavishing Ferrari suddenly catch fire and a major part of it turns into ash, this thing is happening in the real world and Ferrari has taken instant notice on this issue. According to the reports Ferrari is recalling 1,248 models of the 458 Italia and the reason told is that the models were prone to catching fire.

Photo By Goldeneye911

The adhesive was actually used in the wheel arch assembles and if it gets overheat and it can ignite, the problem is really severe and it can give a great shock to the Ferrari owners if the problem comes in no time.

As reported by Autoweek “The Italian automaker began looking into the situation in August after five 458s caught fire in California, Paris, Switzerland, China and one other unnamed location”. From the past few months we have been seeing that the trend of recall is increasing among different major auto developers of the world and this thing is really not good for the auto industry which has hardly started advancing towards the positive path.

After the announcement of recall Ferrari is now asking the owners of 458 Italia built before July to take their cars to the dealership and get the glues replaced by fasteners installed .Hopefully the company will be able to overcome this problem in the estimated time.

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