• January 20, 2009

Renault and Williams: The latest teams to uncover their new F1 cars

renault-f1Renault and Williams have become the team to uncover their new 2009 F1 cars on Monday.

The Britain-based Formula One teams started a common test at Portugal’s well-known Algarve Motor Park.

The new Formula One cars were quite simply prevailed upon in the pit lane in their two cases and it was quite easy for photographers to capture each and every look from anywhere before their official test for the season 2009 that started in quite wet conditions. Toyota and McLaren-Mercedes were the other teams who put their new cars for testing.

Hulkenberg tested FW31 of Williams for drive, while the R29 from Renault was driven by Nelson Piquet.


There are reports that Fernando Alonso, the lead driver and Renault are considering consenting for the podium position during this year, while Williams are somewhat cautious to predict to have a jump from their previous low eight place finish, though they have switched their effort to a new FW31 quite earlier.


The principal of the team, Sir Frank Williams, says: “the current year would be definitely quite interesting for formula one, as we can expect a different approach to various areas in many cars with the new rules of aerodynamic.”



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