• April 8, 2010

Renault-Nissan Alliance And Daimler Ag Announce Wide-Ranging Strategic Cooperation

On the seventh of April this year, the two companies, Renault-Nissan Alliance (formed in the year 1999) and Daimler AG announced in Brussels, their decision regarding initiating a strategic cooperation with a broad range.

Photo by cliff1066

This puts both companies at an advantage as they can now share practices, as well as derive a greater profit from ongoing and future projects. There will be an equity exchange between the two companies, with each receiving a stake of 3.1% in the other’s company. According to the information provided by Daimler AG and the Renault-Nissan Alliance, the primary intent behind this cooperation is to collaborate in the areas of minimizing their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and getting an edge over their competition. The CEO of the Renault-Nissan Alliance and Daimler AG’s Board of Management Chairman, Carlos Ghosn and Dr. Dieter Zetsche explained to the press, the how and why of the strategic agreement which is going to be implemented without delay.

Although it is too early to be able to see concrete results, one could safely say that this is a big move for the two companies, and it makes sense to assume that unless they were convinced about its wisdom, they wouldn’t have gone ahead with it.

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