• January 22, 2009

Renntech tunes Mercedes SLR to delightful 777hp

slrFor most of tuners, the supercar SLR McLaren is, indeed, a real test and to some extent for Mercedes as well.

For SLR, though their end looks quite near, they wouldn’t quietly fade into the history of the cars.

The last (but not least) SLR version is under development and Florida-based tuner sparing no efforts to make it a real history.

They are boosting its power to 777hp that is delightfully sinful and similarly they seem to make the most of the carbon fiber chassis of the car.

It’s not wrong to call it Renntech 777 that can reach 210mph at its top speed with its 5.5-liter supercharged V8 that has been modified in it quite heavily.


Its driveline and suspensions have also been designed. Similarly, there is a new gapping system has been introduced that offers 100% locking within the weels and quite effective for cornering.


The joint project of McLaren and Mercedes for the SLR will come to end by this year.


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