• October 28, 2009

Richmond with New Port for Honda

Honda has opened a new port with fresh facilities in Richmond, California with some of the greatest improvements to be dealt with in reducing CO2 emissions.

 sPhoto by www.d210.tv

They announced a certain operation system being brought to the port of San Diego. Richmond will be bringing new facilities along with certain higher capacities to bring the vehicles to the points of east. The dealers in some of the Northern Californian states would be bringing some of the most effective and supported rail capacities with transportation of vehicles to different places in the east.

The 80 acre of facility with the Point Potrero Auto Center will always bring in American Honda with some of the highly decreased shipments of vehicles along with trailers and tractors coming from Southern California up to Northern California. The most effective brands of cars coming over to support the higher rail capacity is going to be immense with this new point.


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